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Backup & Recovery | IT Support Nottingham | Managed IT Services
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Backup & Recovery

We understand how important it really is

We are experts when it comes to protecting your data

on-premise or in the cloud, we’ll guide you through all the choices

Backup & Recovery is a critical part of the IT process. Your business needs an intimate understanding of the day to day data & configuration backups through to a full disaster recovery plan.

We think your Data is precious and we want to make sure its protected properly. We can help to make sure that your email, files, virtual machines and anything else you have in your business are backup up correctly with a full backup and recovery strategy

Offsite Backups

We offer a range of offsite backup solutions from traditional disk/tape through to more common cloud and replication solutions


We'll ensure your backups are done frequently enough to be effective - something we often see overlooked


We'll ensure you have an Archive strategy - many companies only have a short term backup plan and no real archive solution

Why choose Support Stack to manage your Backup & Recovery?

Monitoring & Alerting

Our Support System will keep us (and you) posted on status of your backups. Daily, weekly, on or offsite we have it all covered. We can alert you to any failures and required actions relating to the backups or just take care of it all for you.

We are experts in Disaster Recovery

Should the worst happen we’ll look after you and get you working again quickly. Over the years we have seen failed servers, RAID arrays, drives, data corruption and more. Our experience in restoring and recovering data is unmatched so whatever happens, we’ve got you covered.

Wide Choice of Solutions & Cloud Options

We offer a wide choice of backup & recovery solutions. Just like your IT Support, how your data is protected can vary depending on your requirements so we tailor each of our solutions. From simple on premise solutions to more advanced offsite and cloud replication solutions, we use all kinds of products to fit all kinds of scenarios

Qualified & Experienced Consultants

In our experience the configuration of backups is usually a task undertaken by relatively inexperienced staff, we dont think this is right. Rest assured that all of your data, your backups and strategy will always be undertaken by an experienced and qualified consultant.