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The Support Stack Remote Support Portal - Get remote support from one of consultants
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Start A Remote Support Session

If you have been asked by a member of the Support Stack team to start a remote support session you will have been asked to visit this page.


Clicking on the ‘Remote Support Tool Download’ button below will download a small file to your computer that will allow us to access your computer remotely. Don’t worry, we will talk you through any steps required. Once its downloaded we run the file and this generates a code you give to us to allow us to access your device.


By using our remote support service you agree to our terms and conditions found here: REMOTE SUPPORT T&C’s.

Once the file is downloaded you will need to run the file (it may be in your downloads folder). Give the 9 digit number the program generates to us and we can do the rest.


When you want to end the support session, be sure to quit the program. This ensures your computer cannot be remotely accessed any more until you download and run the program again.