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Heart Internet in epic data centre fail | IT Support Nottingham | Managed IT Services
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Heart Internet in epic data centre fail

Heart Internet in epic data centre fail

Nottingham based IT Support & web hosting company Heart Internet went south recently due to a power outage at what is claimed to be “one of the most efficient and resilient data centres in Europe”.

We know of a few aggrieved customers that have been impacted. Heart had initially blamed the issue on a DDoS attack. The company then later acknowledged that there had been a power issue. It was down for about 24 Hours! (slightly iffy).

Read their own blog post about it here.

A Heart spokesman was quoted saying “The majority of customers are up and running already and we are working as hard as possible to ensure that the remaining customers’ websites are back as soon as possible. Heart Internet will take care of customers and reimburse them fairly where appropriate. Our immediate focus is to get the few customers who don’t yet have connectivity back online.”

Welcome to the future everybody.