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IT Director Service

Helping define strategy and goals for your business

Going beyond conventional technical resource and IT Support

building a strategy and delivering a successful IT roadmap for your business

We find that for many companies the ability to have a full time IT Director is simply not possible. More often than not there just isn’t quite enough requirement to justify the expense. However this is not to say that these exact same businesses would not benefit from having someone with the depth and breadth of experience of an IT Director.

Areas an IT Director might be able to help your business?

Business Analysis

Engaging with business owners and directors to understand what the business does and how it operates on a day to day basis

strategic planning

Building a coherent & flexible IT Strategy for your business, planning for specific projects and forecasting

task & resource management

Ensuring you get the most out your resource & investment in IT. Including staff, system and task management

The support stack IT Director service is tailored to suit your exact requirements. We will work with you to define the scope of the deliverables you and your team need and then take it from there. Leaving you to get on with running your business
Project Review & Evaluation

Perhaps you have a specific project in the works that needs a second opinion or just some objective evaluation. We also find businesses are often forced into using at least one line of business application specific to their industry. We can help make sure it fits in and that the project to implement, upgrade or change isn’t going to impact the rest of your system.

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Planning

An IT Director is one of the best placed individuals within an organisation to implement the creation of a Business Continuity Plan (often called a Disaster Recovery Plan). This is more complex task than many realise and is a vital part of any complete IT strategy. Support Stack have years of experience in disaster recovery planning and we can accommodate even the most complex environments.

A Fresh View on Things

We have all heard the phrase “can’t see the wood for the trees”. This is particularly true when thinking about IT Solutions, often a business can be over focussed on a particular way of working, or just simply not be aware of other options and solutions. We can provide a fresh set of eyes on any solution and help you separate the good from bad when thinking about your IT systems.