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Managed Desktops from Support Stack
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Managed Desktop

Helping you take control

We don’t think you should have to worry about desktops

that’s our job, we’re experts in the delivery of reliable, secure and controlled desktops

We know that looking after desktops is no joke – The list of tasks is endless, from Anti-Virus software to application configuration. Before you know it, managing desktops can become a major pain point for you and your team.


Read a little more on what we can do below.

Managed Desktop Can Include

On-Premise or Hosted Desktops

We can provide a managed desktop that is comprised of your own equipment located on your premises or alternatively deliver a Remote Desktop solution that is either hosted or also on-premise.

Configuration Management

We can manage the configuration of your desktop fleet from top to bottom, ensuring performance and functionality of your desktops at all times. Freeing you and your team to go about your business, without the worry of desktop configuration.

Application Delivery

Application delivery is simply a managed and controlled method of delivering new applications to your users as and when required. Often done through management tools like GPO, we can deliver applications seamlessly to your desktops without the disruption of visiting users individually.

Remote or Onsite Support

All of our managed desktop solutions include an element of remote IT Support as an absolute minimum. If you find you need application specific or even on-site support, we can include that too.

Updates & Housekeeping Service

All of our Managed Desktop solutions include out-of-hours updates and housekeeping. We work with you to build a schedule that is appropriate to your business and team activities, we then complete Windows Updates and general desktop housekeeping tasks for you.

System & User Monitoring

We can add remote monitoring to desktops & notebooks where required. We use a proprietary monitoring solution that links directly with our support system alerting us of any technical issues, often avoiding more time consuming support later. This can also allow for the monitoring of users desktop activity and location (Based on your requirements).

Backup Services

We don’t think you can ever be too careful with your data. Whilst we don’t advocate storing critical data on anything but properly backed up servers (or cloud systems), sometimes we know its not quite that simple. We can backup selected desktops on a daily or weekly basis for those who need it.

Why Managed Desktop?

Protecting Your Business

Managed Desktops can provide a much safer desktop environment. With properly configured Anti-Virus, User permissions and data protection from top to bottom. All supported by us.

Happy Users

A correctly configured desktop that works properly will reduce users frustrations and increase output.