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Managed Domains

From registration to privacy - we've got you covered

We Don’t think Domain Management should be confusing

we know it can be fiddly, so let us take care of it for you

Domain management is an area we often find overlooked. From correctly registering your domains to choosing suitable web hosting and management of your E-commerce sites, we’ve got you covered.


Read a little more on why Domains are important.

We think your Domain Name is just as important as the rest of your IT Support. We can help to make sure that your Web Presence, Hosting and Email are all registered correctly and properly protected.


Email systems rely on the correct registration of Domain Name information and DNS details, incorrect registration could cause genuine disruption to your business.


Your domain name is part of your online identity and as such it should be kept safe. Without this identity you risk the loss of credibilty or business.


Often the security of your IT services are tied to your domain name by security certificates etc. Losing your domain could impact other systems in your business.

Why choose Support Stack to manage your domain name?

Reminders & Renewals

Our Support System will keep us (and you) posted on the registration status of your Domain Name, meaning you don’t have to worry about renewals and any registration information. We’ll take care of it all for you.

Fully Managed DNS & Control Panel

Our Managed Domain service means you don’t have to worry about choosing the right hosting, how the control panel works, DNS and all that other tricky technical stuff. We’ll do it all for you. We’ll talk to you about hosting and what services you need and take it from there, leaving you without the worry of something going wrong.

Great Hosting & Cloud Options

Domain management usually includes either Domain Name or Web Hosting, quite often both. We can offer a wide range of hosting and cloud options from simple flat website hosting right up to fault tolerant E-Commerce solutions.

Qualified & Experienced Consultants

In our experience domain management is usually a task undertaken by relatively inexperienced staff, we don’t think this is right. Rest assured that all of your web hosting and domain management will always be undertaken by an experienced and qualified consultant.