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Voice calling for slack announced | IT Support Nottingham | Managed IT Services
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Voice calling for slack announced

Voice calling for slack announced

Slack has been used by businesses and schools for years to help organise projects and allow their staff to communicate effectively. With over a million daily active users and being valued at $2.76 billion last year they are doing quite well for themselves and are now are starting to branch out with some new features. Slack have just announced that they are adding voice calling, bringing its usefulness up yet another notch. After having been in beta for the past few months, voice calling is now officially being rolled out. Although it is supported on Mac, PC, Android and iOS It has no current support for Linux or windows smartphone users (probably no big deal if they are after building a commercial footing).

Direct one-on-one calls will be available to free users but if you want group calling then you will need to pay for one of their subscription plans. It works like you would expect, if someone calls you then you will get a notification, accept and the call will start. A small feature that vastly improves the functionality of slack.

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